Abrahams, Peter (Südafrika)


P. Abrahams Mine Boy

Mine Boy

Heinemann: London 1946

Signatur: Lit Afr 343








Über das Buch:

Mine Boy tells of the story of Xuma, a countryman, in a large South African industrial city, and the impact on him of the new ways and new values. The author writes of Xuma as a man in trasnition. He uses him as an instrument to describe the lives and ways of the people who live in the backwaters of the city. Because Xuma is new to it, he can see the hard, disturbing, underprivileged way of life with freshness. This was one of the first books which drew attention to the lives of black South Africans in a white-dominated country.

Über den Autor:

Peter Abrahams was born in 1919 in Johannesburg and remained in South Africa until he was twenty. He now lives and works in Jamaica. As well as Mine Boy he has written Dark Testament, a collection of short stories, Tell Freedom, an autobiography of his early years in Africa, Return to Goli, a book of reportage, and several novels such as Song of the City, Path of Thunder, Wild Conquest, A Wreath for Udomo, and Night of their Own.